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My wife and I have used the Otterbox cases for well over a year now. I work in the outdoors a lot a rip DVD to iPad Mac nd do a lot of outdoor recreation. The case is the best money I ever spent. It has saved my phone more times than I can count. The lower part of the hard shell under the outer cover is broken into several pieces, but it is still effective and those fractures are from some serious hits and falls. Amazing case. Also, I like the size and the rim it creates around the screen. Makes the phone easier to hold and is simply killer. I did cut my plastic screen cover out of the case however, as I like being able to enjoy the glass screen in all its glory. The case still serves its function however. I dropped the phone today while running, the stroller ran it over and it bounced along the ground. The front face was scraped pretty good, phone still works great. I am demanding on my equipment. It needs to perform and the Otterbox delivers.
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