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Default How To Practice Guitar With A Limited Amount Of Time

To get any significant results in your guitar playing, you need to focus on two essential elements: efficiency of your practice, and its effectiveness. Being efficient means
being skillful in avoiding wasted time and effort. Being effective means having the ability to achieve the desired result.
Imagine that you are trying to dig a swimming pool by using a teaspoon. Sure, you are being effective (the pool is getting dug), but it is going to take you YEARS working at this rate to complete the job (because you are working with very low efficiency). A much better approach (one that will help you avoid wasted time and effort), would be to use a powerful excavator to do the same task in minutes!
In order to become truly great Electric Guitar player in a minimum amount of time, you should strive to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness, as they are equally important. However, the focus of this particular article will be entirely on efficiency, and I will discuss effectiveness in a future article.
I want to share with you 3 powerful ideas and guitar practice strategies that can be used to maximize results from your guitar practicing by increasing efficiency. They can and should be applied regardless of how much time you have to practice your guitar, and especially when time is limited.
Many guitar players become discouraged if they cannot find a large enough block of time (for instance, an hour or more each day) to practice. I often receive questions from students such as: “Tom, I only have 20 minutes to dedicate to practicing cheap electric guitars each day, and I want to make the most progress possible. What should I be doing?”
In this case, I suggest to practice something which has a high level of “transferability”. A skill is “transferable”, if working on it will simultaneously make you better in other elements of guitar playing (for example: left hand technique, right hand technique, 2 hand synchronization, shifting from string to string, muting string noise, fretboard awareness, improvisation and many more…). If what you are working on helps more than one of these elements at the same time, then you are practicing something that has some degree of transferability. There are two primary factors which determine the transferability rate. The first factor is the number of other areas which are benefited. The second factor is how strong that benefit is.
One example of a technique with high transferability is string skipping. It involves the technique on both hands, challenges your 2 hand synchronization, and forces you to focus on muting unwanted string noise. This is a good technique to work on because its benefits directly “transfer” to other elements of guitar playing.
Legato technique, on the other hand, has a much lower degree of transferability. It mainly focuses only on left hand technique (and some elements of muting string noise as well). So when time is limited, working on legato playing is probably not going to bring you as much benefit compared to practicing string skipping.
By investing your guitar practice time among high transferability items, you will get a lot Maple Fretboard 3-Color Sunburst Electric Guitarmore from your practicing. I want you to become aware of this idea and think about it as you are selecting the most important items to work on when your practice time is very limited.
To help you fully understand and APPLY the transferability concept into your guitar practicing, I have created a free short guitar practice video.
Teaching my philosophy of transferability has been a key factor in the great success I have had with training many of my students to become great guitarists in a short amount of time.
Another way to dramatically improve your efficiency is to use a guitar practice schedule that is targeted and relevant to your goals. Think of a practice schedule as a blueprint to your success. If you have been stuck at the same level for months or years, if you have the desire to move past your current plateau, and if you have limited time to practice, consider creating a schedule. It will keep you focused on what you need to do, and will help you to become more organized and not waste time when practicing.
This schedule must be specific to your musical goals and yet flexible enough to adjust to your progress and any possible changes in your musical ambitions. If you are struggling with creating an efficient practice schedule on your own, you can find help here.
Another piece of advice that I want to give to you is to become more specific about isolating your technical challenges. This will allow you to get to the core of your guitar playing problem(s) and avoid wasting precious time practicing the parts of the music you can already play well.
If you need more details, please click and visit http://www.electric-guitar-guitar.com/. Thanks for you reading.
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Old 07-12-2011, 10:05 AM
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Default tory burch

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