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Default TiVo to PlayBook – Convert/Play TiVo Recordings on PlayBook in Full Screen

It is amazing to search for TV shows and get daily listings on your TiVo DVR. Have you thought about watching your TiVo recordings when travelling and away from home? Want to make a movie or music reference library of TiVo captured TV programs' even create your own TV series complete season collection?

With Foxreal Video Converter or Foxreal Video Converter for Mac' you couild easily and quickly do all these things. The guide will mainly present you an easy method of storing TiVo captured TV shows to a hard drive and view them on BlackBerry PlayBook in a simple way.

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Transfer TV show recordings from TiVo to computer via TiVo Desktop Software
You’ll need to have the free TiVo Desktop Software installed on your computer to help you successfully copy TiVo files to a hard drive. (Once installed and connected to your TiVo' the TiVo Desktop Software on your computer will provide you with a list of the TV shows stored on your TiVo that may be transferred to your computer’s hard drive.)

Step 2: Run Foxreal Video Converter as the perfect TiVo to PlayBook Converter on your computer and then import your TiVo files into it. (The tool will auto-convert each file in the group sequentially if you select and import several files.)

(Notice: Enter the Media Access Key of your TiVo recordings into the "[b]Open

Step 3: Choose the best video format for BB-PlayBook
1) Click on "Format" to open a format profile list in various categories.
2) Select "Common"' "HD Video" or "BlackBerry" category to select output format compatible for PlayBook. If you want to get the best video quality' you can choose H.264 HD Video (*.mp4) format from "HD Video" category.

3) Click on "Settings" to adjust profile parameters that affect video quality and file size' such as bitrate' sample rate' codec' etc. (Please remember the higher bitrate' the larger file size while the better video quality.) You can also set video resolution as its screen display 1024x600 if you like.

Step 4: Compress and convert TiVo to H.264 MP4 format for PlayBook by clicking on "Convert" on the main interface of the powerful TiVo to MP4 Converter for PlayBook.

Step 5: Save your converted TiVo files.
If you wish to create a video library' after the TiVo video conversion process is complete you may copy the converted video into any desired storage location including portable USB connected hard drives. And while the selected format is optimized for PlayBook' it is also easily viewed on a computer using many other popular media players so you can readily view the files at any time without having to load them onto your portable player first.

If you're creating a large collection such as an entire season of a favorite series' you'll need to first set up your TiVo to capture and retain the desired episodes and then copy them to your computer using TiVo Desktop whenever you need to free up TiVo storage space. Depending on your computer's available storage space you may wish to use Foxreal to convert the transferred video immediately' in most cases the Foxreal conversions will take only 30% to 50%% of the space needed to store the original TiVo files.

Step 6: Transfer the converted files onto PlayBook. (Tip: You can get dedailed instructure on how to transfer video files to PlayBook here.)

After all the processes' you could readily watch TiVo recordings on PlayBook or other devices for great digital fun! That’s all! Hopefully the guide on how to convert/play TiVo recordings on PlayBook will make your video entertainment easier and faster!

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