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Default [Reviews]Enjoy/Playback/Watching M2TS Video files to Nokia N8 via Pavtube M2TS to Nok

[Reviews]Enjoy/Playback/Watching M2TS Video files to Nokia N8 via Pavtube M2TS to Nokia N8 Converter

How to rip Blu ray DVD movies and transfer videos like MKV,MOV,M2TS,Tivo to Nokia N8? Choose Pavtube M2TS to Nokia N8 Converter! This program is a must for multimedia entertainment on Nokia N8,etc. It’s able to customize video, DVD, and blu-ray movies into Nokia videos so that you’ll have movie collections on lately shipped Nokia Symbian ^3 phone, and watch movies on out of the box no matter anywhere you are. A step-by-step guide of ripping blu-ray DVD movies and converting videos to Nokia N8 optimized MP4 videos can be found below:

Step 1. Run the M2TS to Nokia N8 Converter and import source movie.
Once run the M2TS to Nokia N8 Converter, click “Load BD/DVD” to load your DVD and Blu-ray movie (note the blu-ray disc must be placed in BD drive) and “Add Video” to load your video files like MTS/M2TS, MKV, MOV, TOD, TiVo, etc. The MKV to Nokia N8 Converter supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple files to it at a time. To combine several items (video, DVD and blu-ray movie) into a single file, you can check them and tick off the checkbox of “Merge into one file”.

The DVD movie is displayed in a directory. Click the triangle arrow to expand the directory for checking movie chapters. Basically the main movie is included in the first Title, so you can check the main title (usually the one with longest duration) only and leave other chapters unchecked. You may also view movie chapters and videos in preview window.

Step 2. Set audio track and subtitles for selected chapters.
If your sources are video files, please skip this step. You can select audio track and subtitle (if necessary) for blu-ray and DVD movie clips only. Click on the Audio box and select an audio track with desired language. Set subtitles in the same way. And you have to select subtitle and audio for each Title. There is a box of “Force Subtitles” too. When you set English as subtitle and check the box of “Force Subtitles”, the subtitle appears only when languages other than English are spoken. For example, in the movie Avatar, I select English subtitle and set Force Subtitles, the subtitle appears only when the Navi language is spoken.

Step 3. Select Nokia N8 supported codec and video format.
Specify location for generated files in “Output” box and click on “Format” bar and to select a video format that is supported by Nokia N8. For example, you are suggested to follow “Common Video”>> “MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4). Nokia stated that Symbian ^3 OS smartphones support video formats encoded with H. 264, MPEG-4 or VC-1 (WMV), but it turns out H.264 and VC-1 videos may not play well on Nokia N8.

Then you can further customize the audio and video parameters for your Nokia N8. Click on “Settings” and set video and audio parameters follow the recommended settings:

Codec: xvid
Size: 640*360pix (16:9, full screen display)/ 640* 480 (4:3)
Bitrate: 900~2500kbps (the smaller bitrate you set the smaller file size it creates)
Frame rate: 24/ 30 fps
Codec: aac
Sample rate: 32000~48000hz
Bitrate: 64000~160000bps
Channels: Stereo

You can determine the file size by adjusting the video bit rate. Basically, higher bit rate leads to bigger file size and better visual quality. Try and find the best bit rate for yourself.

Step 4. Start converting M2TS to Nokia N8.
Now click "Convert" button to start ripping Blu-ray and DVD movie to Nokia C7, N8, E7, or converting video to Nokia C7, N8, E7 video with the playing/viewing M2TS to Nokia N8. The ViewLog will present you all the info such as conversion progress, conversion state, elapsed and estimated conversion time, and generated and estimated conversion file size. You may check "Shut down computer after conversion" and leave it be. Once the conversion task is finished, you can click “Open” button to get the final output files for your Nokia C7, N8, E7 and sync the MP4 files to memory card and play them freely on Nokia C7, N8, E7.

As you see, the application offers a wide variety of formats developed for smartphones running Android OS, like Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, and more. To find more solutions for Nokia C7, N8, E7, Motorola Droids, HTC Androids, Samsung Galaxy S, etc, please check our specials for Android smart phones.

Convert/getting MKV to VOB via Good/Strong Pavtube MKV to VOB Coverter for Mac

Reviews Pavtube Bluray movies DVD Video to Galaxy S Converter-Playing MKV/AVI/MPEG4/VOB/WMV to Samsung Mesmerize

Enjoy Blu ray Toy Story on iPad,iPhone4,Droid X,Galaxy S smartphones with your children when on railway

Sharing Enjoy/Playback/Watching MKV/AVI/MP4/M2TS/Tivo Video files to phones(Nokia E7/N8/C7) via Pavtube Video to Nokia for Mac

Playing/Watching/See/Start Bluray Movies DVDs Videos to Xbox Media Center

Reviews Pavtube Videos to Galaxy S Converter for Mac-put/change/transfer MKV/MOV/MTS/M2TS/TiVo/SWF to Samsung Galaxy S

Perfect Experience Pavtube Bluray to Samsung Vibrant Converter-See/download/install/playback Bluray and DVD Movies on Samsung Vibrant
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[Tips]How to play Bluray to Nokia N8 for Mac via Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter

Have you ever thought of putting your favorite movies on your Nokia phones, and using the 3.5-inch or the 4.0-inch display to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies on Nokia smarphone N8 on the go? I believe that video storage on cell phones is the wave of the future as the storage capability of these devices increases at an increasing rate. Maybe that is true. How to play bluray to Nokia N8 for Mac,Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter can help you.
With Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter for Mac, you can achieve the goal. The following tutorial will show you how to play Blu-ray and DVD movies on Nokia N8by using Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter for Mac.

Step 1: Free download, install and run Pavtube Mac Nokia N8 Converter
Once run the program, click "BD/DVD Folder" to load Blu-ray/DVD movie files, or you can click "IFO File" icon to load DVD IFO files.

Step 2: Select your needed subs and sound track
1. Select subtitle

Click the drop-down list of "Subtitle", then all the subtitle info in the Blu-ray/DVD will be shown clearly, including language and stream ID, so you can select your needed language as your subtitle.

In addition, Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter for Mac OSalso offers an option called "Force Subtitle". When you check "Force Subtitle", you will see subtitles only when actors are speaking another language that is not your mother tongue. For instance, if you specify English (your mother tongue) as your subtitle, and meanwhile tick off "Force Subtitle" option, then when actors are speaking English, no subtitles will show up, but when they are talking with each other in French, the English subtitle will appear accompanying with the French.

2: Select audio track
Click the pull down menu of "Audio", and then the list will give you the detailed information of audio tracks, including language, audio codec, stream ID and audio channel. TrueHD audio and DTS-Master Audio are both supported.

Step 3: Choose output format for Nokia N8
To playing Blu-ray and DVD movies on Nokia N8, or rip BD/DVD to Nokia N8 you need know the file types that supported by these devices. The following contents are for your reference:

Nokia N8 supported videos: DivX/XviD/MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV;

Click on the pull down menu of "Format" to select a proper file type for your Nokia N8. We choose mp4 for instance. Just follow "Common Video"> "MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4)".

Step 4: Adjust video and audio settings
To rip/play BD/DVD to Nokia N8Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter for Mac allows users clicking "Settings" button to customize video and audio settings. The adjustable options include codec name, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel. We suggest you to adjust the pix at 640*360, because Nokia E7, Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 are all having a resolution at 640*360. In that way, you can get a well playback quality on your Nokia devices.

Step 5: Play/Rip/Convert Bluray to Nokia N8
Once the above mentioned 4 steps are finished, you can click the big button "Convert" to rip BD/DVD to Nokia N8. The Pavtube Nokia N8 Converter will finish conversion at speed without any audio and video out of sync issues. Once conversion is done, you can click "Open" button to get the ripped Blu-ray or DVD movie files. Now you are ready to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies on Nokia N8.Hope thia guide about how to play blu ray to Nokia N8 for Maccan help you.You may also want to konw how to play bluray to Nokia N8 for Windows.Have a good time!

Tips Rip/Burn/Backup Blu-ray ISO image to H.264 AVI/MKV/MP4/WMV/Divx via Pavtube Bluray ISO Software

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Powerful Pavtube Bluray Movies DVD to HTC HD 7 Converter–Viewing/playing Blu-ray DVD movies to HTC HD 7

Hot News MKV/Divx/MPEG-4 to Samsung Galaxy S-enjoy/play/put/see movies/videos via Pavtube Movie/Music/Video to Galaxy S Converter

Put/Play/Watch Bluray DVD movies on Samsung Focus/ HTC Surround/ LG Quantum via Pavtube Bluray movies DVD to Windows Phone 7 Converter for Mac

Enjoy/Watch/Transfer Bluray Movies DVDs Videos on Samsung Galaxy S i9000,Vibrant,Epic 4G,Captivate,Fascinate(Mac OS)

Reviews Pavtube Videos to Galaxy S Converter for Mac-put/change/transfer MKV/MOV/MTS/M2TS/TiVo/SWF to Samsung Galaxy S

Sharing Pavtube Bluray Ripper-Resize/Shrink/Rip Blu-ray ISO image to HD MKV/WMV/AVI/MP4/Divx,etc

Playing DVD movies on Apple TV with AAC/AC3/DTS 5.1 surround sound or Stereo via Pavtube DVD to Apple TV Ripper for Mac
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